How We Roll

Thinkcogo, working together to bring you outstanding photography. We have creative and technical resources that are scalable and efficient working on location with experience in cameras, lighting, and editing to bring you images you will love and that work for your business. Our photographers work in photography both full and part-time with backgrounds in technology, science, and education among other pursuits in addition to photography. We bring  this rich experience to our photographic work. More important than that is our commitment to our clients. We want to understand what you want to see in the images. We endeavor to understand how you intend to use the images and who you want the images to impact.  

Time is important to us. Sometimes we need to be able to capture the action of an important event with chaotic changes in lighting and movement and get the shot. One chance at one shot in a split second. Sometimes we need to be patient and wait until the perfect opportunity presents itself, some things can’t be rushed. We are prepared for both. We also know that your time is valuable and work efficiently and effectively.

We love doing photography and we want our photography to work for you. We constantly educate ourselves about photography, new techniques, latest equipment, styles and fashions. We look at photos, our photos and everyone else’s and learn what we like and what can be done better. We don’t rest on one style or technique but are constantly testing new ideas and finding out what our gear can do as well as learning and creating new techniques to process our images.  

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